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Asesoría e Investigación en Salud A.C.

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About us

At AIS, Asesoría e Investigación en Salud, we believe in the power of Comprehensive Health to support life, in order to redesign a better version of us human beings.
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    Who is AIS?

    A corporation that brings a humanist spirit to science

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    Continuous improvement as a strategy to reach the highest quality

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    Strategic alliances with positive results

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    We recognize the value of people

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    División Salud Corporativa

    Corporate Health Division

    It offers health solutions, aimed at the improvement of the quality of life and work motivation of the staff and managers of institutions.
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    División Investigación

    Research Division

    It is focused on the administration of basic and clinical research projects, subjected to rigorous quality standards and under strict confidentiality.
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    División Consultoría

    Health Consulting Division

    It is committed to offer consulting services to our clients, focused on the administration of health organizations.
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Our Corporate Offices are located south of Mexico City, in San Jerónimo Lídice, on México-Contreras Avenue.

  • Corporativo Punta México
    Av. México-Contreras No. 700, 5to piso Int. P.O. 14
    Col. San Jerónimo Lídice, Deleg. Magdalena Contreras, C.P. 10200 México, D.F.
  • (5255) 5652 2946
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